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The Dad Beards Podcast with Mick Montgomery & Chris Topham

Jul 25, 2017

Episode #011: The One With Justin Robert Young is READY for download! The Dad Beards t is a show hosted by two guys who happen to be Dads, who happen to have Beards, and our adventures in Nerdery, Geekery, and Various Oddities.  Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, Obscure Hobbies, Pop Culture. You Name it We talk about it! This week Mick Montgomery & Chris Topham discuss some Pretty Cool Stuff!

And they are joined by Justin Robert Young a.k.a. JURYMyth, Legend, Genius, these are words some people might use to describe our guest, they also could use Podcaster, Comedian, Journalist and Writer. He is the co-host of Night Attack, 1-900-Wrestling, Politics Politics Politics and many more. Please, welcome to the show for the first time ever on a Spazbot Studio show, Justin Robert Young.

Oh, and he thinks it’s 'Nick' Montgomery… not… oh who cares… Justin was on our show!

Here’s a Thing!

We wanted to talk about a thing on this week’s show! Doctor Who has reformed as a woman, and therefore we get to have a discussion about sociology and shame! Wahoo!

We Did a Thing!

This week we actually did a thing! Justin Robert Young is making a brand new Table-Top Game called “Action News”. We talked to him about the new game, what it’s like to design and produce a game like this, and how Kickstarter tried to steer him the wrong direction! Consider supporting the game on kickstarter, we did!

Try This Thing!

Mick thinks you should check out this thing. It’s Spider Man: Homecoming!

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