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The Dad Beards Podcast with Mick Montgomery & Chris Topham

May 8, 2017

Episode #001: Louis CK is Our Destiny 2 is READY for download! Dad Beards, a Podcast about Everything you Love about Geek and Nerd Culture! Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, Obscure Hobbies, Pop Culture. You Name it We talk about it! This week Mick Montgomery & Chris Topham discuss some Pretty Cool Stuff!

Here’s a Thing!

We wanted to talk about the impending Launch of Destiny 2, and how this launch makes us feel deep down inside. Also, just what is the longevity going to be of this game? Will it make it the full 10 years?

We Did a Thing!

This week we actually did a thing! Well… Mick did a thing! Mick watched the latest Neflix comedy special starring Louis CK.

Try This Thing!

Chris thinks you should check out this thing. It’s the Dan Rykert Taco Bell Wedding. Believe it or not there are no typo’s in that sentence.

Mick thinks you should check out this thing. It’s this single Tweet that just sums up the weird trend in advertising / customer relationships we have seen in 2017!

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